"Almost Carefree"
-"a top of the line production sound, along with an excellent choice of instrumental Jazz songs" IQ Demo Review, October 1996
-"one of R.I.'s finest jazz bands" Diane Neri, The Good 5 Cent Cigar, October 1994
-"a fine piece of work" "the Joe Parillo Ensemble demonstrates its much-deserved reputation as one of our area's most innovative and renowned jazz bands with this recording" Karen Bousquet, Timeout Rhode Island, October 1994
-"The group's first CD, appropriately titled Almost Carefree , succeeds in spotlighting all the musicians in tasty, light jazz"

"Block Island Summer"
-"this new Parillo disc stands as a testimony to great local musicianship and music recording talent here in Rhode Island" Dave Bolender, Newport This Week, July 1997
-"From its opening bossanova, "Mi Pequeno Bossa," the album is a sophisticated and diverse experience which plays through the speakers with a sound that can only be described as alternately intense and gentle" "Parillo's playing has the keyboard presence of Thelonius Monk and the rhythmic instinct of Bob Marley" Patrick W. Fealey, Timeout RI, February 1997
-"Very well-balanced latino jazz, withan energy & verve that will keep yer' blood movin'" Improvijazzation Nation, Issue #29

-"If we had to choose just one word that would encompass the music of local pianist/composer Joe Parillo, my choice word would be "warmth". Warmth of tone, warmth of style, warmth of expression are all hallmarks of Joe Parillo's distinct keyboard sound and the character sound of his polished ensembles over the years. Joe respects and strives to constantly highlight the lyrical aspect of the piano" Kirk Feather, Providence Monthly, September 1999
-" Morning in the Garden is a most pleasant instrumental delight" with "brilliant melodies and instrumental work"Don Fowler, Cranston Herald, February 18 1998
-"this acoustic trio album is artfully composed and elegantly executed" Drew Wheeler, JazzTrack Headlines, August 1998 -"these tunes are a musical adventure" Steve Starger, The Hartford Advocate, August 1998
-"It really couldn't...be any prettier" Stuart Broome, Cadence, June 1998 -"The organic sound of a grand piano, acoustic bass and drumset percolates composition to their perfection" Jonathan Babu, Northeast Performer, July 1998
-"a lush assortment of soothing melodies" and "a rich jewel of evocative musical exploration" "Parillo stands out as an innovative performer and composer" Frankie Haard, The Green Mountain Jazz Messenger, May 1998
-"an inspirational, gentle jazz melody collection that will sweep you away" Diana M. Abatecola, Italia USA, March 1998

Sand Box"
-"a very entertaining album" "the music is...lovely..." Dave Nathan, All Music Guide, 2002

-Named to Top 50 Local Releases of 1994 by The Nice Paper
-"Parillo is a pianist with superb skills as well as an outstanding composer" Kevin Sullivan The Nice Paper , January 1995
-"one of the leading jazz musicians in the state" Karen Bousquet, Timeout Rhode Island, October 1994 - Best Music Poll 2004 Best Local Jazz Act: Joe Parillo, The Providence Phoenix

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