When I think of Kim Trusty words and phrases that come to mind are professional, vocalist, songwriter, guitarist, actress, smooth, silky, captivating, sincere, soulful, compassionate, powerful, show-stopping, one of a kind, top-notch and sweet potato pie.

When the Boston Phoenix said “Kim Trusty’s got the music in her,” they weren’t kidding. That music started at the age of 5 in the basement of the Trusty home in Media, PA. If there was one thing you learned in the Trusty home, made up of 9 children was, being vocal was the way to get attention. I would say Kim learned her lessons very well. There are very few African American women who can write songs, play the guitar and sing as well as Kim Trusty. Kim’s music is a highly textured blend of Jazz, Blues, Pop, and Folk music giving it sincere and roots flavor This woman should be heard.



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